I’m Jennifer McGuirk, and I’m running for Multnomah County Auditor. I won the May Primary and am asking for your vote in November. 

I recognize the power of auditing to address the root causes of the big issues facing our community. That's why as County Auditor I will focus on auditing programs that directly impact people's lives. 

Watch the City Club of Portland Friday Forum: Up For Debate: Multnomah County Auditor.

I currently work in the Multnomah County Auditor's Office as one of the staff auditors who reports to the elected auditor. In this role, and throughout my career, I have been dedicated to promoting government accountability and equity.

Before I became an auditor, I chose to work in public service to help underserved groups bring their concerns to government and to help them partner with government to create more inclusive communities. I supported equity as a grant writer for causes including scholarships for historically underserved students, childhood literacy, and environmental education. I also managed grants, holding project leaders accountable for responsibly spending public funds.