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Basic Rights Equality PAC


The Portland Mercury

"[Jennifer is] ready to hold the county’s feet to the flame during a period of massive growth and discontent with systemic issues, and we’re here for it. The Mercury Election Endorsements for May 15, 2018

AFSCME Local 88 - Multnomah County's largest employee union!


Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37

Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council

Northwest Oregon Labor Council - AFL, CIO

UFCW Local 555

Current & former elected leaders

“Jennifer is the progressive candidate we trust to see that tax dollars are used efficiently and produce positive outcomes for people.” - Oregon House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson and Senator-Elect Shemia Fagan

"We are long overdue for an auditor who will work to improve outcomes for communities of color. Jennifer is the only candidate we can trust.” - Ana del Rocío, former David Douglas School Board, Position 1

Sam Chase, Metro Council District 5

Shirley Craddick, Metro Council District 1

"I am pleased to endorse Jennifer McGuirk for Multnomah County Auditor. I hadn't made up my mind in this tight race about who to vote for until I moderated a City Club debate between the three candidates. While they were all well versed on the role of and issues facing the auditor, I thought that Jennifer stood out among them with her thoughtful and passionate commitment to the people who are served by the County. She authentically connects with people and values social justice. I know she'll lead efforts to provide Multnomah County with the tools to become a more equitable government." - Serena Cruz, former Multnomah County Commissioner

“Jennifer is the progressive candidate we trust to see that tax dollars are used efficiently and produce positive outcomes for people.” - Senator-Elect Shemia Fagan

“Jennifer has the experience and commitment to equity and accountability that will most benefit our County residents.  She is truly independent, not tied to established power stakeholders.  She knows how Multnomah County works, and how it can work better.  I strongly encourage your vote for Jennifer McGuirk for Multnomah County Auditor.” Amanda Fritz, Commissioner, City of Portland

T. Scott Harden, Wood Village City Council President

Zach Hudson, Troutdale City Councilor

Annette Mattson, Mt. Hood Community College Board of Education, Zone 4

State Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson

“I endorsed Jennifer because she and I share a commitment to fostering equitable communities.” Lynn Peterson, President-elect, Metro

Bob Stacey, Metro Council District 6

"Jennifer's collaborative approach to her leadership as Multnomah County's next Auditor is refreshing and necessary. I was impressed with her commitment to inclusion and transparency to the public in her work, and believe she is the right candidate to ensure that the County's services are provided in an equitable and efficient way." Andrea Valderrama, Vice Chair, David Douglas School Board

Current and former performance auditors

"Multnomah County needs an Auditor who is not afraid to take on the challenging and controversial audit topics, and Jennifer McGuirk has stepped up to take on this responsibility. She is running for County  Auditor because she is committed to accountability and equity in public services, and understands the importance of having an independent audit office. Jennifer has experience working in local government auditing, and knows the unique challenges she will need to navigate as an elected County Auditor."  - Alexandra Fercak, performance auditor

Nicole Barrett, performance auditor, Oregon Secretary of State's Office

Rebecca Brinkley, former senior performance auditor, Oregon Secretary of State's Office

Dave Dyk, senior director, Information Security and Enterprise Risk Management, Banking Industry

“Her combined strengths make her the candidate I trust the most to improve both financial and qualitative accountability by selecting the right audit topics and managing her staff, with CPA and other certifications, to scope and complete audits effectively on our behalf.” - Beth Woodward, retired performance auditor, Letter to the Editor

Community advocates

"Jennifer McGuirk is my choice for Multnomah County Auditor. Jennifer's commitment to equity and her vision for the Auditor's role in assuring transparent, accountable and equitable government services are just what we need."  - Judith Mowry, longtime equity advocate

"I had an opportunity to chat with Jennifer the other day. She wanted to ask me about how and what the county audit office could do to better support PWDs. As you can imagine I had a laundry list, but more impressively Jennifer had some great ideas of her own. I think when it comes to choosing a County Auditor, Jennifer is the right choice if you are concerned with issues of equity and inclusivity in government!"" - Nickole Cheron, disability rights advocate

Christine Lewis, advocate for housing and the environment

Eddy Morales, founder, East County Rising

Travis Nelson, Oregon Nurses Association, PAC board member

"My friend Jennifer is running for Multnomah County Auditor! Jennifer currently works in the Auditor's office and is motivated to increase effectiveness and accountability of County funded programs that directly impact the lives of our friends and neighbors. As the leader of a nonprofit, I understand how important this office is, and I'm eager to support Jennifer's campaign as a way to support critical services." - Rebecca Peatow Nickels, nonprofit leader

Jennifer Samuels, nonprofit leader

Walter Robinson, II

Carmen Rubio, nonprofit leader

Educators, counselors, & clinicians

"Jennifer is an experienced and ethical leader, dedicated to equity and passionate about community engagement. I trust that Jennifer will represent the needs and perspectives of the most vulnerable in our community."  - Heather Burns, Associate Professor, Portland State University

Jennifer Dahlin, clinical psychologist

"Ms. McGuirk will prioritize careful spending for the best human outcomes we can achieve. She will ensure that our tax dollars are well spent by focusing on best practices in county programs that serve the most vulnerable members of our community, through our senior programs, our mental health services and in our jails." - Mary C. King, Professor of Economics Emerita, Portland State University, letter to the editor, OregonLive, April 27, 2018 

Corina McKay, early childhood educator

Scott Mist, Assistant Professor, OHSU

Lisa Morrell, teacher

Gerri Ravyn Stanfield, executive director, Acupuncturists Without Borders

Dawn Stearns, educator and counselor

Community members

Lisa Alfano

Connie Ashbrook

Joslyn Baker

Elizabeth Beales

"I’ve had the great fortune of being connected to Jennifer for almost eight years, through both the Hatfield School of Government and Multnomah County. Her broad range of talents are demonstrated most clearly by her ability to comprehensively evaluate public programs through hard work and innovation. It is not by chance that Jennifer’s endorsements run the gamut of local government professionals, civic leaders, union leadership, and a myriad of other community leaders." - Max Bernstein, Oregon Department of Transportation

Jean Bond

Susan Carson

Kelly Caldwell

Corey Cliffe

Jerome Comeau

"Jennifer McGuirk will bring a fresh perspective on accountability, community engagement and equity as the next Multnomah County Auditor. As a performance auditor at the County Auditor's Office, no one is better equipped to increase transparency and efficiency in County government and shift her office to better serve the people of Multnomah County."  - Julia DeGraw, former candidate for Portland City Council

Michelle DePass

Richard Engstrom

Galen Gamble

Erna Gelles

Leah Gibbs

Connor Gragg

Tony Green

"I endorse Jennifer McGuirk, the only choice for Multnomah County Auditor. She is not only ethical and knowledgeable but she is committed to government accountability." - Diane Grover, Portland attorney

Nikki Fisher

Courtney Graham

Courtney Helstein

Akira Heshiki, attorney

"My dear friend of 35 years, Jennifer McGuirk, is running for Multnomah County Auditor. This is such a key position in government — especially right now. The Auditor should be someone with strong ethics, an understanding and passion for equity and accountability, the courage to call out injustice, a dedication to serving community, and the expertise to do the job. I can think of no one better for Multnomah County than Jennifer." - Mandi Hood, human rights advocate, trainer

Kenya Juarez

Sarah Keefe, MPH

Leigha LaFleur

Christopher Lowe

Lauren McGraw, artist

Abe Miller

Thomas Newsom

Nikole Potulsky, business strategist

Ken Ray

Samhita Reddy

Amy Ruiz

Jillian Schoene

Sydney Scout

Matthew Sherman, software architect

Jackie Tate

Jamie Thayer

Jeff Thompson

Marie Thompson

Angela Uherbelau

Leisa Vandehey

Suzanne Voorhees