Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018


Jennifer McGuirk elected Multnomah County Auditor

PORTLAND -- Auditor-elect Jennifer McGuirk thanked Multnomah County voters for selecting her as their new Auditor.

“I appreciate the faith you’ve put in me, and I promise to work every day to ensure County services are delivered effectively and efficiently,” she said. "I am excited to get going on the agenda I've pledged to enact since the start of my campaign."

McGuirk thanked her supporters, which included a slate of current and former elected leaders, union organizations, the Portland Mercury, and residents from across the county. "I won because of an incredible group of volunteers who believed in me and my agenda. Thank you so much.”

McGuirk also thanked candidate Scott Learn. “Scott ran an excellent campaign. I think voters were served well by having a choice of candidates,” she said.

McGuirk will be sworn into office in January 2019, but intends to get out in the community before then.

“I promised to meet regularly with voters and community groups and ask for their priorities. I’m going to get started on that process now so I am ready to go on Day 1.”